Merely Dust

AM Gunter
Merely Dust

A collection of 11 melodies 


A.M. Gunter, based out of northeast Ohio, released his debut album, Merely Dust, on 5/24/19. The album is a collection of eleven melodies written over a fourteen year period and recorded over the last three years.  It is produced, engineered, mixed, mastered & played entirely by AM Gunter with help of some friends lending their talents on vocals and guitars on several tracks.  

Under The Influence

With inspiration drawn from like likes of The Beatles to Nirvana, Hank Williams to Type O Negative, Death Cab For Cutie to Willie Dixon, there's an eclectic mix of  music throughout Merely Dust.

Different Strokes

Merely Dust is a diverse collection of tunes that range from folk (Change,) indie rock (I Am The One, Massive, Merely Dust)  to alternative (Little Hand, Long Way To Heaven,) old school country (Piss Water Beer, Livin' Like I'm Gonna Die) to blues (She Belongs With Me,) singer-songwriter (Haunted Dreams,) and even a ballad (Golden Unknown.) Merely Dust is an album of love, lost, happiness, regret and alcohol. 


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A.M. Gunter -  Change (Lyric Video)